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Business can expect from our digital transformation expertise

Our expertise in doing 2 dozens of digital transformation projects, taken many challenges in transforming business, these knowledge will be transmuted to our potential customers reducing ambiguity generally occurs during a DX initiative. Our strategy is very simple in handling massive DX projects. The first step in understanding which areas will be impacted and what the effects of digital transformation on your business will be, is to understand on what basis this changes the way you run the business and interact with your audience, your collaborators and partners. Broadly we give more important to the following key areas besides the. Inner matters of the all transformation technology.

Customer Experience Digital Transformation

Our expertise understand to its core how the customer experience is significant for a business, therefore our poise of the customers digital transformation activity stems from customer experience. The customer experience plays a crucial role in digital transformation. Many digital transformation initiatives arise from pain points, business/innovation needs and growth/transformation imperatives on the customer (experience) side of business. An example that has already become classic is the customer who questions the seller within a physical store if he can discount certain merchandise because the customer has just seen on the internet that the competing store sells the products cheaper. Thus, sales channels, ways to advertise products or services and attract and engage consumers, points of contact, language and even prices and product and service attributes are affected by digital transformation, as the public, increasingly, becomes immersed in the virtual universe and feeling very happy inside of it.

Operational Process Transformation

This is another point that many forget, but our team not. Digital transformation is not just about providing a better customer experience through virtual shopping channels and agile customer service, integrated with social networks. We focus on the creaties Process models deriving increasing value at each stage of the chain, and this can be achieved through a better flow of information, collaboration and teamwork, elements in which digital transformation can assist in a very practical and assertive way.

Business Model Transformation

The sum of the above may help to be attentive to business model transformation, not only in the sense of changing the very way in which your organisation produces and delivers value to the market but also to what the competition can do in that sense, using digital transformation for this. A company wanted to have a disruptive innovation, however we give extra focus on competition, mainly indirect, and defend itself against threats.

The major digital transformation agents wired to create new
way of doing business

Unless otherwise knowing the agents to the core, practically rolling out an effective digital business is challenging. Among the
most used technologies in digital transformation used by us


Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is the ability of a machine or software to develop human-like thinking, including the ability to set
standards, experiment, perceive, and make decisions intelligently.
Self-guided cars, cognitive computing, chatbots and many others are examples of the current application of this technology.
See examples of artificial intelligence uses in the series below:


Cloud Computing

Already widely adopted by most companies and the general public, especially with the use of SaaS
applications (software sold as pay-as-you-go services), this technology is essential to promote more
integration and team work.


Big Data

Perhaps the most complex digital transformation elements, it should not be overlooked. There are already Big Data solutions
with Freemium and paid subscription models on the market.


Internet of Things

Also known as IoT (Internet of Things), it comprises a number of devices that have embedded technology, such as sensors,
buttons, etc. that are capable of connecting in the cloud and transmitting data and events.


Social Media

The use of social media in a much more inclusive way than merely delivering content relevant to your
audience, but, for example, monitoring customer interactions to detect trends, desires and even respond to
crises more quickly.


Remote access and mobility

Wherever a collaborator, customer, vendor or partner is, they can interact with your company by having a mobile device and
an internet connection.
This opens up a huge range of possibilities that your business needs to explore.