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Deeper Insights use a world of data from webpages to internal documents, together with applied data science and custom dashboards that empower you to make bolder business decisions We provide more than hardware and software solutions - we have the in-house expertise to guide you through your entire IoT business journey. From consult to design and manufacturing to insights, Arkanet is your one partner throughout the consult, develop and deployment steps of the IoT ecosystem.

Business can expect from our IOT expertise

Don’t get stuck in proof of concept – we can help you simplify the complex landscape. Tap into our in-house expertise for a complete & secure solution from sensor to cloud. Leverage our technology building blocks to reduce risk and realize faster time to value. Our focus is to help you capitalize on the value of technology to achieve your business outcomes without delay. Explore our IoT solutions, services and products to bring digital transformation to your business.

1. Asset Tracking
For commercial, industrial, and logistics businesses, asset management systems promote productivity and cost savings by preventing loss, identifying supply chain bottlenecks, or enabling further process automation.

2. Energy Management
Building Energy Management System Building Energy Monitoring System/EMS Provide Data Support For Save Energy Report, Fault Alarm, Energy Flow Chart Monitor Energy By Dept, Region, Energy Types Support APP & WEB Data Checking

3. Preventive maintenance
IoT-based predictive maintenance allows you to systematically schedule the optimal maintenance and inspection routine to avoid unplanned downtime and unnecessary effort. Avoidable costs can be reduced greatly and you can also reduce the amount of time the machinery or equipment is down for maintenance

4. Health management
Connected healthcare allows real time monitoring with the help of smart devices. It can collect and transfer health data: blood pressure, oxygen and blood sugar levels, weight, and ECGs. This data is stored in the cloud and can be accessed by an authorized person when required. In case of an emergency, the patient can contact a doctor miles away via smart mobile apps.

5. Wearables

6. Data visualisations and dashboards
IoT Dashboard or IoT control panel, as the name suggests, is a web or mobile application that is used to control smart devices along with displaying the data generated by these smart devices.. From smart home automation to Fleet management systems, everything needs an IoT control panel to operate. Along with data representation and visualization in IoT , A well designed and developed IoT device control panel requires the following elements:

Real time data collection

Data representation • Analysis of IoT data • Data management • Data visualization

Storage of IoT data • Security of generated data

7. Industrial IOT
The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is revolutionizing the way the world operates by connecting more smart devices and sharing the information they produce to improve existing business models and enable new ones. , IIoT (Industrial IoT) uses the IoT technologies for manufacturing and industrial processes. I IoT uses Machine Learning, Big Data and M2M (machine-to-machine) communications. company offering a complete IIoT end-to-end solution from cabling & switches to routers, connectors, firewalls & more.

8 Wearables
Smart watches and body patches are the most common wearable tools right now. One of the first IoT inventions, Bluetooth, was initially used to exchange messages between devices. Today, IoT wearables can display calls, test messages, social media updates, and track fitness and health. We are not just talking about Fitbits, but also our healthcare devices, devices like pacemaker and insulin pumps can connect to the IoT for added monitoring.

9. Data visualisations and dashboards