Price Hunting

Prices hunting is essential to place dynamically you’re pricing. Also, important the product reviews, product listings, ratings, blog content, delivery times, product availability. The goal is to gather as much information as possible to create edge over the competing products

Price Monitoring
Keep track of the prices of your products across the internet on various platforms. Follow your competitors closely and make adjustments to your pricing, promotions, supply management when you need to. All automated if you want to. Monitor anything from a few products to millions.

Dynamic Pricing
Our solution helps dynamically pricing your products according to pricing rules you set up and the data that is gathered from your competitors. With our indirect dynamic pricing feature, you get recommendations about your products pricing in accordance with your preset custom dynamic pricing rules. You can then apply these to your products extracting Valuable pricing insights, Monitored by our specialists, According to your own set custom pricing rules.

Stocks Of Competitors
Actively Monitor Stocks of Competitors Keep track of the stocks of your products across the internet. Follow your competitors closely and always know who has stock and who hasn’t with our sophisticated scraping and undetectable bots.