AI Mobility Solution

We provide a new era of mobility intelligence - sustainable, safe and exciting"

Applied data science and custom dashboards that empower you to make bolder business decisions The pace of technological advancement is accelerating, making it more and more challenging to keep up. As mobility trends continuously reinvent not only the industry, but also the way we live, you’ll need an expert partner like Plante Moran to help you stay ahead.

Business can expect from Mobility Intelligence expertise

We’ll arm you with market, financial, operational, and strategic intelligence you won’t find anywhere else, delivered by seasoned autonomous advisors. We’ll work with you as though we’re members of your team, assessing your market position and building innovative, yet actionable, solutions based on our proprietary market forecasts and benchmarking data. We are rising to the challenges faced by cities all over the world by creating additional solutions to meet the needs of rapidly increasing urbanization.

1. Parking solutions
Paving the way towards fully connected and automated mobility. This includes innovative solutions that make maneuvering and parking safer, more comfortable and convenient, as well as more efficient –whether at home, on the street, or in public garages.

2. Shop floor robots
Shop floor automation is defined as the introduction of using automatic equipment or systems on the shop floor. It uses control systems such as robots or automated machines to perform any task in the chain of production tasks.Mitigate the capacity, utilization of machines and resources challenges on the shop floor with an
Industry 4.0 Solution and accelerate floor productivity, improve Plant Capacity, maximize Machine Efficiency and Equipment Effectiveness with state-of-the-art shop floor automation software.

3. Personalised mobility
The idea of Mobility as a Service (MaaS) is one that is growing as better transport data and a wider variety of transport options become available. This coupled with the ever-improving application of Artificial Intelligence means these new mobility models are becoming more widespread and more effective in delivering efficient transport across multiple modes. This in turn could see our thoughts change in terms of private vehicle ownership.

4. Convenience mobility