Web scraper

Our scaping solution can scrape for any website on the internet that you   look for a specific information. We specialize in scraping large number of websites concurrently extracting complex high frequency complex data. Our solution can integrate with bigdata platform, Kafka streams supported multichannel scaping, Datawarehouse solution like snowflake, finally it can runs the analytics and preset data on Tableau, Qlik, and power BI dashboards for the instant insights. So, we know what we can and can’t do and are more than happy to help you with your data challenges. Our data analysts can think with you on how to accomplish your goals and what works best for your company. Just let us know and we’ll setup a short meeting.No technical knowledge required

  • Tell us which data you need and our experts will take care of the rest
  • Any data from any website
  • Fully maintained by our data specialists
  • The data you need in any file format
  • Choose your own scraping frequency